A base class for the Authentication Service


  • AuthenticationService



authenticationClient: AuthenticationClient
router: Router

For redirecting User to web pages

user: User = ...

The User loggin in


  • Retrieves the logged in Users ID if it exists


    A User ID if a user is logged in, else null

    Returns string

  • Checks whether a User is logged in


    True if a User ID is stored in local storage. False if no User ID is in local storage.

    Returns boolean

  • Checks if User details email and password match a record in the database. If Login is valid, redirect to '/homepage', else redirect to '/login' web page.


    • email: string

      Email address of User logging in

    • password: string

      Password of User logging in

    Returns void

  • Logs a User out by deleting their ID and eMail in local storage and then redirects to the '/login' web page.

    Returns void

  • Registers a new site User


    • firstName: string

      New User first name

    • lastName: string

      New User last name

    • email: string

      New User email address

    • password: string

      New User password

    • kNumber: string

      New user kNumber

    Returns void

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