Disaster Squad

Disaster Squad is a top-down real-time strategy game designed for players aged 12+. Our theme for this project was the United Nations Sustainable Development goal #13: "Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts".

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Game Overview

Step 1

You control one or more first-responders and command them to fight natural disasters. These disasters will spawn randomly throughout the game world.

Step 2

Defeat disasters to earn funding. Use this funding to purchase more responders or renewable sources (Wind turbines, solar panels, recycling centres).

Step 3

Buy Responders to allow for more Disasters to be fought at once. Buy Renewable Sources to reduce the overall rate of pollution increase.

Repeat steps 1-3 until pollution has been eliminated


About Game

The player takes control a small team of first responders tasked with combatting natural disasters and rising pollution in an area. This games scope and focus aims to raise awareness about the United Nations Goal 13; taking urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

In Disaster Squad, the consequences of climate change are experienced in the form of natural disasters.

These disasters wreak havoc on the local environment, its communities while and also add to the pollution level.

The tasks and objectives the player must perform and accomplish closely mirror efforts made by real environmental protection organizations around the world.

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Why did we make this game?

Disaster Squad is developed by three students (Conor, Dominik and Merri) as part of our third year Group Project module at Limerick Institute of Technology (now Technical University of the Shannon).

We are all studying a BSc. in Computing titled Games Design and Development.

This course utilises games as a medium to teach Software Development. This has been our largest project to date.

Technology Used


Programming language
  • High Performance
  • Object Oriented Design
  • Pathfinding Algorithm
  • Low Resource Usage
  • C++ Homepage


Simple & fast multimedia library
  • User Interface
  • Game Object Sprites
  • Input Handling
  • Game Sounds
  • SFML Homepage


version control system

Download Our Game

Disaster Squad is available to download for Windows and Linux operating systems. The source code is also freely available on our GitHub if you would prefer to compile from source.

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Contact Us

For any enquiries relating to Disaster Squad feel free to fill out your details on this form. We'd be happy to hear from you! For any bug reports please submit them via GitHub.

Limerick Institute of Technology, Thurles

Presenting at Games Fleadh April 1st 2022