Hi, I'm Merri.

I'm a 4th year mature student studying Computing at Limerick Institute of Technology, Thurles and due to graduate in 2023. I have experience developing software using Java, C++, TypeScript, C and Python.

This page is a central location for links to my various projects and the documentation relating to them.

Final Year Project

Game Analytics:
C++ Library and Web Application

A full stack web application and C++ library for managing statistics in C++ games. Developers can register their games on the web and start tracking statistics using a C++ library that can be easily added to their games. Game statistics can be viewed on the web and in game.

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Final Year Project Components


Java Spring backend


Angular frontend website


C++ library
  • Easy to add to any C++ game
  • Retrieve and update game stats
  • Communication with backend APIs
  • Documentation
  • Git Repo

Disaster Squad

C++ game

Disaster Squad is a top-down real-time strategy game designed for players aged 12+. This game was developed as part of a group project in third year. For more information about this project please visit the Disaster Squad section of this site.

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Disaster Squad Technologies Used


Programming Language
  • High Performance
  • Object Oriented Design
  • Pathfinding Algorithm
  • Low Resource Usage
  • C++ Homepage


Simple & Fast Multimedia Library
  • User Interface
  • Game Object Sprites
  • Input Handling
  • Game Sounds
  • SFML Homepage


Version Control